Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Losing too fast?

WI yesterday. Down 2.8 lbs. Ya ya ya. Hit 40 lbs!!!
BUT, my average loss is over 2 lbs per week. 'Tis a no no in the WW world. What to do?
I wouldn't be so worried, but I've begun losing my hair. So gross. My hair is in a perma-ponytail. I avoid the shower because that's when I notice it the most. Hmmm. Could be post baby, but baby is now 8 months old. Sigh.
So, trying to up my protein. If that doesn't work, guess I'll have to go back to visit the Dr. and see if he's got a suggestion. I love my hair...or did. (I do need a haircut too.) I'd hate to lose all my hair all in the name of being skinny. Ah well.

On a completely unrelated note...
Having a child with health issues is stressful! (Wonder if that could have something to do with the hair loss?) Having a child with undiagnosed health issues...even more stressful. Having a child with undiagnosed health issues and living 5 hours away from your specialists...don't even get me started. I wish we knew what is exactly wrong so that we could move on. I've held it together this long believing that nothing was life threatening or permanent. I mean heck, she's not dying or anything. You don't have to look too far to see that happening. Its not cancer, cystic fibrosis, MS or any other scary, permanent, debilitating disease, so who am I to complain??? She's just a cute, roly-poly baby with a tube out her nose and is a little behind developmentally. But, now that there may be some sort of underlying condition...who knows if its life threatening? Who knows if she has brain damage? Took her for some blood tests today, to see if she's got protein where it shouldn't be and it was near impossible to find a vein. Poor kid, her chubby little arm being poked and prodded, very tightly tied at the top in the hope that a vein would magically appear. I'll give it to the techs...they did a fantastic job, but still couldn't get all the blood needed, missed one test. I was desperate because the Dr. suggested that if they couldn't get the blood, then we'd admit her to the hospital and have on of the docs do it in the morning...LIKE I HAVE TIME TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN THE HOSPITAL!!! I have 2 other children and hubby's working 12 hour shifts. Honestly.
Whatever, hoping that we'll hear back soon. If abnormal...we'll be doing more blood tests. Oh and have you ever seen how to take a urine test on a baby? It's quite ingenious really. You tape a bag to them, do back up their diaper and then just wait.
I feel like we're living at the blood labs. First it was my 5 year old yesterday to see if he's iron deficient...a little pale. I was supposed to have some too, but I forgot that I had to fast (stupid, stupid), so I still have to go for mine. Then baby today. That's 3 out of 5 in just a few days. Seems like a lot. And the flu clinic starts up this week. Best get on that too. The last thing we need is baby with the flu. 5 year old will NOT be impressed. You should have seen the trauma that was taking 3 viles of blood. We had to lay him down on a table, with me lying on one arm, his legs between mine and my other arm stroking his forehead. One tech held his donating arm, one took the blood. He has a huge fear of needles. He was worse than baby. At least he peed in the cup for me.

Okay, I suppose that's enough for tonight. I'm just tired, frustrated, a little stressed, feeling at my end, wishing I was stronger, trying to be thankful, and full of popcorn. And Diet Pepsi. I'm gonna hafta give that up one day. But not anytime in the near future. Thank you Diet Pepsi. Or Coke Zero. Or Aspartame.

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