Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weight Loss Goals

It occurred to me that there's very little information here about what I'm doing to shed these pounds.

I started Weight Watchers on Jun 27, 2007. 4 short months ago. I don't do meetings. There would be FAR too much stress in my life trying to make a weekly meeting right now. So, instead, I'm doing it online and am so thankful for the option. I'm counting points, which is really working for me right now. I'm not sure how long after I lose all this weight that I'll be able to keep it up, but for now it's a great way to KNOW that I'm eating the right amount of food. I also enjoy the freedom of eating what I want, when I want. And doing the exercises I want, when and how much works for me. I have found the online community super helpful. They have helped my motivation a great deal. When I want to eat too much, I will often sit my but down at the computer and just read different posts. It almost always helps the craving subside. The result however, is that I spend a LOT of time on the computer. I would not know what to do with myself if it died on us.

My goals? I'd like to get my BMI down to 23, a good healthy BMI. That would take my weight to the high 140's. We'll see as I get closer as I haven't been that thin in my adult life. My next mini goal is 203 lbs by Christmas. I should make that. If I hit 200, I'd no longer be considered obese. At any rate, 50 lbs total by Christmas is do-able.

I took my measurements this morning. Since July 20th (the first time I thought to take my measurements), I've lost 3.5 inches on my bust, 7 inches on my waist and 4 inches on my hips. I"m the lightest and thinnest I've been since about the middle of my first pregnancy. Feels good.

Now, what to do about these stretch marks?


  1. wow... I personally am incredibly impressed with your strength and fortitude!! I can't even begin to think about my weight (presently 220 lbs)... it just makes me depressed and then I eat more! But you give me hope. But I guarantee if I my baby girl was in Finleigh's position I would be about 300 lbs by now.

    I love you Amanda... you can do it! And I'm really glad you started a blog :)

  2. Ya know, this losing weight thing I think has been a healthy distraction from everything going on with Finn. Helps me from focusing too much on the negative. Everything can change. Hopefully Finn's health will too.