Friday, November 2, 2007

And while we're on the topic...

The other thing that's been calling my name are these yummy, tasty, little gingerbread cookies. We don't have enough cupboard space, so things have spilled on top of the extra cabinet we already have in the kitchen. One of the things sitting on top of the cabinet is a clear, plastic container of these cookies. We bought them because they were 2 for $5. I didn't think they'd be any good, so I told hubby he could get them. Little did I know how tempting they would be. They're 5 of these things for 3 points. Yes...a little expensive, but oh so yummy. If only I could fit them into the cupboard, then I wouldn't see them every time I go into the kitchen. I did not, by the way, eat the cookie I'm holding for this picture. Thank you very much. I put it back in the container. I did however eat a couple broken pieces. That doesn't count, right?

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