Saturday, January 12, 2008

A New Day

Well, true to my flip, floppy nature, I'm feeling better today. I received an encouraging note from a friend and got to thinking how much better Finleigh is from a while ago. We noticed last night as she was sleeping, that she really is breathing better. I'm finding ways to spoon feed her that seem to help her eat more. And she's still so happy and mostly content. She's an extraordinary child and I love her to matter what's wrong with her. I just wish we could find out a little faster. The unknown is tough.

I tried to do the 3rd installment of my running yesterday. I had to stop and walk at 3mph after about 10 mins. I got a terrible stitch that I just couldn't shake. Probably from all the chocolate cookies I've been indulging in. I'll give it another shot this afternoon. Hopefully I'll do better. I don't want to lose steam on this!


  1. good job on the running!! I'm sure everything will work out soon for your daughter.... Take Care !