Monday, February 11, 2008

My Husband Loves Me!

When we were visiting my sister and her husband a couple weeks back, I noticed how great her coffee maker was. It's one of those ones that has a thermal carafe. It keeps the coffee hot for hours. I had never really thought it would be necessary, but this is how my morning goes...

I get up with the kids and get their breakfasts going. The boys usually have toast or cereal. Finleigh needs to be spoon fed her cereal and then I set up the bag to drip feed her the formula. Usually, sometime in there I get the coffee going (I LOVE my coffee). Normally, I get about a half a mug drunk before it's too cold to finish. Then when I go back for my second cup, it's at least an hour later (because time flies when you're taking care of little ones) and it's burnt because its been sitting on the warmer FOREVER!!!

So, I commented to Brian how great that would be for me. He filed that information in the back of his a good husband does. Then a few days ago, we got our Airmiles statement. We're not huge Airmile collectors, but we do get a few here and there. He went online and found a couple coffee makers with thermal carafes that we could buy with our points. I said we should save our points, but if he really wanted, maybe that would be a good birthday present, since my birthday's coming up on a month.

Nothing was said...but I suspected.

Then, when we got home from Finleigh's birthday party yesterday (we did it at my parent's house, because they actually have room in their home) there was a package at the door. He told me just to open it now, because he'd already had something planned for my birthday.

So I did, and now I have a new coffee maker! And this morning I had two hot and not burnt cups of coffee.

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