Monday, February 18, 2008

Three Pounds

What did I tell you? Last week, after my .4 lb loss, I said that I'd likely have a good loss after that...and I did. Down 3 lbs this morning. That brings my total loss to 66.4 lbs lost and my weight to 186.6. How many more to go? 38.6 lbs. Wowwy. Nearly 2/3's there.

So, since its been a while since I posted a picture, thought I'd post one. It's a terrible one, but whatever, it's me. I'd have tried again...but the batteries died on my camera. I'm lucky I got this one. The jeans I'm wearing are the ones I'm wearing in my 200 lb update picture on the side. They were tight-ish then. Now they're loose and I can even dry them in the dryer and still wear them. The top is very old...don'tcha just love the wet spot on it? What are ya gonna do? I've got 3 kids, 2 who still drool. And besides, I'm a slob.

And a little thanks to my friend Colleen who made me feel better about my arm episode yesterday by telling me she'd experienced it to. I was looked at like I had 2 1/2 heads yesterday when I told the story. So, I was glad that it's been experienced by someone else. Colleen is the reason I chose WW. I was checking out my new found Facebook friends when she announced on her status that she'd made it to her WW goal. She really inspired me! So, once I knew WW had an online option...I jumped and haven't looked back since. Now she's 8+ months pregnant and will be joining us again soon on the road of WW. But not TOO soon.


  1. Wow, you do look GREAT! I'm so tempted to say the evil thing that everyone says - "you don't look like you should lose another pound!" - but I won't cuz I understand that that doesn't help anything! :o) Thanks for the encouragement about WW. Last night we had a wine and cheese night here (it was Dr. Pepper and cheese for me) and well, I ate cheese. Evil. Oh well - I'm not back on it yet. But I am a little worried cuz with Trevor making his own yummy cheeses now, I know they'll always be around tempting me. Hmm... maybe homemade cheese doesn't have any points? :o)

  2. WOW!! You are looking fabulous Amanda!! Way to go!! I've started to weight train with my husband and I feel better! I'm hoping this will be a great way for me to lose weight and stay healthy.

  3. You are one hottie I must say. That's cool that Colleen inspired you so much. I'm very proud of her for how much she lost. She looked awesome! And now she looks very cute with her baby belly. :)
    Good job Manders! You are amazing.