Sunday, February 17, 2008


I had the weirdest experience this morning at 6am. I don't know...has anyone else ever had this?

I woke up on my stomach with what looked like an extra hand underneath me. I looked over to where my husband sleeps thinking that if he's not up, he should be because he should be gone already. He was gone, but there was still an arm underneath me. One of the kids? No, I was alone in bed.

I rolled over onto my back and this arm slid off my chest and flopped onto the bed. It was my arm and I had absolutely NO feeling in it and no control from the elbow down. Like NONE. It truly felt like there was someone else's hand there. After about a minute of being on my back, the blood began rushing back into it and I could feel it again. I've experienced numbness and tingling and the feeling of my foot being asleep, but never a complete inability to feel or move before.

Weird, weird, weird.

I just can't get that feeling out of my head. It gives me a taste of what it would be like to be paralyzed. I didn't like it. I'm so thankful for my limbs!


  1. That has totally happened to me before too. It's such a funny sensation when that happens to have no control over your own arm.

  2. hehehe...that was funny. ya, limbs are good!

  3. HILARIOUS. Tom also woke up yesterday with a dead arm! Apparently his was his whole arm.

  4. Amanda, that has happened to me as well! Such a weird feeling. ;)