Thursday, February 28, 2008


Another good OP today for me. Was quiet and I let the kids watch too much TV...some days I just get tired of saying no. Tomorrow will be better.

There's a provincial election here on Monday. I get bummed when elections happen. Bummed and annoyed because I just don't feel like there's any good choices. Why can't they all think like me? Now, that would be scary. Anyways, I will vote for the lesser of the evils (in my mind). Sigh.

My husband shaved his head. Looks fine and will save us $$$ because his hair grows so fast and he ends up needing a cut every month. Which really does add up. Wish he would smile in pictures. He really does have a great smile.

My daughter loves to chew on her tube. Hasn't anyone told her it's supposed to go in her nose, not her mouth? She pulls it out and then chews on it with her 1 little tooth.

What a goof.

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