Monday, April 14, 2008

Less than 30?!?!?!?!

Holy smokes! Do you see my Count Down at the side. You're gonna hafta scroll way down past all the pictures of me to see it. But if you says that I have less that 30 lbs to lose until I get to my goal. Less than 30. Wow.

I hit and passed 75 lbs this week with a loss of 1.4 lbs. I thought I'd be more excited about hitting 75, but the excitement of only having 29.1 lbs left to lose has eclipsed that.

So, this weekend is a trip to the city for Finny's long awaited MRI (4 days!!!!) I'm going to try really hard to save most of my flex for the weekend. Which may be difficult seeing as I've finished all my flex by Wednesday for the last month or so.

I may seem like I'm really excited about Finleigh's MRI. I am excited to get the results. But I'm not overly excited to go through the procedure. She has to fast before hand and go under anesthetic. It'll be at least 45 minutes that I'll be sitting in the waiting room waiting for her - probably longer. It'll be easier than her bronchoscopy last year...this one's less invasive (not that the last one was that bad) and she's been put under twice I'm getting to be an old pro. Okay, maybe a medium pro. Brian's working this week, so my mom is coming down with me to help me with the kids on the 10 hour round trip and while we're there. It'll be nice to have her moral support. And my sister will watch my boys while we're at the hospital. I'm so thankful for my family.

I have 3 full days until we leave on Thursday morning. So let's see (excuse me as I think through my next 3 days). Laundry needs doing...including Natey's pee'd up sheets from last night (I think I'm going to have to put him in some Goodnights or something for the trip), my laundry, Finny's laundry, the boy's laundry. A whole lotta ironing. I really should do that. It's been sitting for far too long. Get this house reasonably clean...bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting. Pick up a few things from the store (but not today or tomorrow because Brian has the van for a 2 day course he's taking). I'd love to get the van cleaned...but is there any point if it's just going on the highway? Well, I'll try to get it vacuumed for sure. Oh, and I guess I'd better pack at some point, hey? And I really would like to get some AP's in this week. I'm supposed to run on the treadmill today. Exercise can really get in the way sometimes, can't it?

Next week, we'll hopefully get the results of the MRI. I'm hoping and praying the doc fits us in before the end of the week, but don't worry I'll let you know what the result are. Also next week? Spring cleaning!!!!


  1. Congrats!!! That is very exciting to be so close to your goal! Sounds like you have a very busy week!

  2. I'm soo freaking excited for you!!! And so proud to "know you" you know??

    you help me keep me "honest":)

    im guessing by the "city" you don't mean toronto huh? i couldn't be that lucky i guess!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed on the MRI honey!!!


  3. Wow Amanda you are doing great! It must be just so exciting to see where you have come and how close you are to yopur goal!!! Praying all goes well with Fin and great that your mom is going with you.

  4. I tagged you today because I want to see where you live!