Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where I live...

I was tagged by my friend Tara.

It is a photography meme.

1. Step out your front door and take a picture.
2. Step out your back door and take a picture.
3. Put them on your blog, along with the rules.
4. If there are things in the photos that you particularly like or dislike, you can point them out, or just explain what we are seeing. Maybe changes over the seasons or some junk in your neighbour's yard that drives you nuts.
5. Tag as many or few people as you like - preferably at least one though.
6. Do it again next month if you like.

I thought this could be fun. So, here we go. Now remember, that it's just the VERY beginning of spring and while the snow has pretty much melted away, the rains and the street cleaners have not yet come to clean up the 6 months of sand and such that comes with winter. Not that I'm saying it gets that much better, but the grass will turn green...eventually. And hey, it's a blue sky day!

Here's what we see when we look out the front door. It's terribly exciting. Especially the potholes and the cracks in the pavement. We live in a very posh neighborhood.

Look to the right and you see the street and our lovely tree. At least we're in an end unit.

Look to the left and you see many townhouses and trees in the background. And then there's my favorite van. My freshly cleaned van that my husband washed yesterday for me. I love my van. I also love my husband.

Heading to the back door. Here's my itty bitty backyard. I suppose I shouldn't complain because our last place didn't even have a yard. And we have a little tree. We do have plans to get rid of the patio blocks and put nice grass there...but in 2 summers, we still haven't gotten to it.

My favorite part about living here is the forest across the street. There are walking paths in through there, but walk at your own risk lest you get run over by skidoos or quads who are illegally driving around within city limits. Or dirt bikes.

And all our neighbors.

So, that's me and where I spend my days.

I'm gonna tag Natalie, I think. Would be interesting to see what things look like in a place where I've never been down in the US of A.


  1. Fun! Thanks for playing! I love that I can picture where you live now :)

  2. this is a great meme. i'm in. i will try to get to this tomorrow. :-)