Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pre-Supper Lull

It's the pre-supper lull. You know, the time when everyone's home from school and vegging (or watching TV) and I have a few minutes before I need to make supper. So, I'm taking a break on the computer. Supper shouldn't be too bad tonight. We have lots of leftovers and Brian's working today, so it'll be a casual supper. And very little prep.

So, I've got almost everything done, except packing. Which shouldn't take too long. I'll get most of it done at bathtime tonight. My boys love to play for a looooooong time in the bath, so I try to find something busying to do upstairs while they play. My house is relatively clean - I even washed the kitchen floor. AND I found time to try a new cookie recipe that I just LOVE. You can find it here if you wanna try it (and no...I didn't do all organic...the regular ingredients worked just fine). It doubles as a breakfast cookie and since I have such a love of muffins, I thought I'd branch out and try this. Mmmmmm. Even Brian told me that "I could make it again". Which means he likes it! He really likes it! And I got all the winter dirt out of my van. There was a lot. It took me much longer to vacuum and clean the van than I thought, but it's done now and if feels good. Oh, and I did run on Monday and today. And still have lots of flex points left for the weekend.

It may seem silly that I'm so excited about getting all that done, but you've gotta understand that when you have kids (as most of my readers know) there are days when you're lucky to get the dishes done, let alone accomplish anything else.

So, we're about ready to go and get this MRI thing done. Finleigh's starting to have the sniffles. I sure hope that doesn't delay anything. I'm a wee bit nervous about that because I just cannot wait any longer. Ah well.

Alright. Coming on supper time, so I'll wrap this up and will post again when I'm back home.


  1. wow... you have so much energy! I got tired just thinking about doing all that. I'm impressed.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about the MRI. Hope it goes really well.

  3. Wishing everything goes well with the MRI. Can't wait to hear how it went.

  4. wow- you got ALOT done...more then someone without kids (i,e. ME)

    all the best with the MRI...