Friday, May 2, 2008

Exercise can be frustrating

Or should I say, jogging can be frustrating. I've been going along for weeks, doing my thing, improving and maybe even enjoying things just a little bit. Then I start cramping up every time I jog, again. Sigh. At least I know it'll pass. It did last time, it should this time too.

On another note...I think I need an exercise mat. Since I started doing Pilate's 5 1/2 years ago, I've never needed a mat. I've always been good just doing them on the carpet. Well, things are changing. I roll like a ball, I hurt my tailbone. I do my leg exercises, I hurt my hips. I couldn't figure out why it was so important to have a mat when you do Pilate's. I guess now I know.

I also need a new sports bra. But that can wait a while. No sense buying one yet, I guess.


  1. go get a new bra! you deserve it!

  2. Hey, I totally hear ya on the mat problem. That is one down-side to being thin that no one warned me about - your own butt gets really uncomfortable!! Who knew that the fat was providing some nice cushy-ness??