Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bloggy Award

I received my first Bloggy Award this week. Being that I'm still in my first year of blogging...I really am new to all this stuff. But here it is!

Natalie over at Normal to Natalie awarded me this for being inspiring with my weight loss. And I really do appreciate it. Thanks Natalie!

And since it seems that you're supposed to pass these things along, I want to give it to the lady who inspired me to start Weight Watchers nearly a year ago. Colleen, a friend from college, had just reached goal after having her first baby and I was so impressed with how good she looked that I decided to give it a shot. Now, a year later, she's had another baby and is well on her way to getting back into those prepregnancy clothes. I'm so impressed with how motivated she is with such a young baby...I wasn't even thinking weight loss when my kids were that age...I was still thinking sleep.


  1. you do rock! thanks for giving me a link to another blog i need to be reading!!!

  2. oh, thanks Amanda! :o) That made my day... YOu are doing SO awesome. Keep it up!