Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm feeling tired today. Nate and Finn have both had colds for over a month and I'm feeling like I could be coming down with it. That, coupled with a weekend of little sleep has left me feeling like one tired momma. You know the tired, where you don't care what goes in your mouth and you have absolutely NO desire to get your sorry butt out of bed to exercise or anything else for that matter? Ya, that tired.

So, no AP's as of yet for me. And while I'm OP this morning, so far...which means I ate a good breakfast, I was not OP last night. Sigh. Amazing how suddenly lazy I feel when I don't start my day out burning 400 calories. Seriously...who is this woman???

And of course, when you're feeling tired and down on yourself, you start looking at everything else negatively too. It's that time again where I start to freak out a little about Finn. We're still tube feeding fluids almost exclusively. Meeting with our home support team in the city last week gave me a few more strategies to try to get her drinking more milk orally, but with this cold, I hesitate to push it too much. And then we have our first meeting with a speech therapist today. I'm very happy about that and will take all the help we can get. But as I look at my child who should be running around with a sippy cup in her hand and saying a bunch of words, I get a pit in my stomach to think about how she's still not crawling and still only has one word, "dada". I worry sometimes what's gonna happen with her. These feelings will pass, they always do. I'll work on getting more sleep, eating wisely, getting up to exercise these feelings out and lean on God. What else can I do?

On the bright side, see those clothes I'm wearing in that picture at the top of this post? My new, MEDIUM sized workout clothes. That, by the way, I got at 50% off at La Senza Spirit. I shopped in the clearance...and then had a $10 off coupon from some Special K packaging and free shipping. So you see, I may seem frivolous at times...but really I do try very hard to take good care of our money. I took that picture yesterday after walking for an hour. No, I have not put on my workout clothes yet today...and don't suspect it'll likely happen either.

Okay, off to get ready to meet our new Speech Therapist.


  1. you know, Olivia has very few discernable words... it'll be ok.

  2. WOW you are looking fabulous!! Talk about an inspiration and those collar bones, love them!! I can't imagine weighing in the 170's I haven't seen that since I was a teenager, you must be feeling absolutely awesome and congratulations on the medium!!

    What an inspiration you are!! Great job!!

    thank you for the welcome back, sometimes you need to get away from things to appreciate and realize what really helped you to get where you were, and that is what I did, and now I know that without the support of others I can't do this on my own, so I'm back and plan to stay that way!!