Thursday, June 26, 2008

School's out!

Here's Willem at the waterpark on Tuesday. His kindergarten class went down for an afternoon of fun.

I was surprisingly emotional about Will's last day of school yesterday. I even cried a little. Silly, I know. I'm really going to miss his teacher. She is a wonderful, caring teacher. She made a huge difference in Will's academic career and made sure that there would be support for his special needs next year too.

I also saw her loving the other kids and going beyond her regular duty. One child has parents who do not take care of her like they probably should. She showed up to school in pajamas the other day and when Ms. T saw it, she asked her where her clothes were. The little girl just shrugged. "Well, come on," she said, "I washed some clothes for you, let's go put them on." I think she also made sure that little girl had a dress for the grad ceremony. I can't help but admire a teacher who becomes that invested in her students.

She's close to retirement, I think next year may be her last year teaching. This makes me sad because Natey'll never have the pleasure of having her. But she was there when we needed her and I'm thankful for that.

Well, good bye kindergarten! On to Grade 1 and new adventures.


  1. It looks like willem was having so much fun. It's great that Willem had such a great teacher. It is great how God provides.

  2. its amazing how kind some people are... heres to summer!