Friday, June 20, 2008

Special Talent

This is Finleigh.

She can't crawl yet...though she could be close and she rolls to get around anyways. She can't get herself into a sitting position, but she's trying everyday. She doesn't say mama but she has a smile as bright as the sun - which is just as good to me! She's getting stronger and stronger everyday and will soon be able to do those things that she can't yet do. But in the meantime, she's picking up other talents and skills.

Her newest talent? Turning off the computer...all by herself. She's already gotten a lot of practice at it, so she's a pro.

Oh joy.


  1. Hi Amanda!

    What a sweetheart she is, such a cute grin & sparkly eyes...ya gotta luv wee ones!

    Great site, I really enjoyed looking & reading thru it all...excellent before pics too, you've really come a long way & are doing so great!

    Hugs Jacquie (goin'downhill)

  2. Shes so beautiful Amanda!! Good luck at keeping her little fingers away from your power button while youre on your computer LOL

  3. oh miss fin so clever. I love her smile!

  4. she's lovely. I wish I could give her a great big snuggle.