Friday, June 13, 2008


If I could, today I would go on strike.

Mommy strike.

What would my demands be?
  1. No more whining, complaining or general unpleasantness.
  2. Acting grateful when things are done for or on behalf of them.
  3. A little bit of respect...any would be nice.
  4. No acting up in public. I mean really, if you wanna be a brat fine, but do you really have to do it in front of people so that they think I'm an incompetent mother?
  5. No calling me 'the worst mom in the world', even if I am one. I know they don't mean it, but it still kinda hurts.

This really sucks. All I'm trying to do is get ready for Father's Day (which we're celebrating tomorrow because Brian works on Sunday). You know, do a few special things to thank him for all he does. And all it seems they want to do is the exact opposite of what I matter what it is.


And I've been eating like a tornado the last couple days and I don't know why. A year on this program and now I fall apart???


God give me strength.


  1. Hmm, I just saw at the top of your post that it's Friday the 13th. Maybe this is why our children are driving us crazy?!? I blogged about quitting today too.

  2. I'm with you... strike strike strike (picture me marching holding a picket sign and yelling I WANT RESPECT).

    Perhaps you are stress eating... I know I am.

    love you no matter what!

  3. Ohhh the joys of motherhood. I also find that I eat a lot around my period, and I say I need the extra calories then... ha ha

  4. Hope your weekend gets better my dear. Happy Father's Day to Brian. And its okay to have bad days, just don't let it turn into bad weeks. I was having several nasty days this week and finally had to pull myself out of it by giving myself a reward if I wrote down my points for a whole day and stayed within my limit. It finally worked, but phew - I sure ate a lot in the days before. You've done SO AWESOME so far, don't disrespect the work you've done by going back on it now, y'know? YOU CAN DO IT!! :o)
    Okay, and sorry for the sermon...