Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where is it???

I've misplaced something. I've been looking everywhere for it...though maybe not as hard as I could be. I keep thinking I see it, but when I look's not it. Usually when something goes missing in my house, it has something to do with one of my sons, but this time, it was all me. So, if you see it, would you please send it back to me?

Oh seeeellllllfffff cooonnnttrooollll. Seeeeellllllfffff coonnntttroollllll. Where arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre you??????

I'm hoping I found it again this morning. We'll see if it sticks. But I did manage to get 5 AP's in this morning. See me here? 5:40am? Documented proof. Rolled out of bed, put on my new workout clothes (dontcha just love the socks? also on sale), picked up my water bottle (it's a Sigg, Lisa!!!) and headed my treadmill.

There are days when weight loss is a battle. Pure and simple. A war going on inside and it's a hard fight. And I'm not sure that people who haven't been significantly overweight can truly understand it. In order to become 100 pounds overweight, a person has to say yes to excess junk going into their bodies a LOT of times. Say yes to sitting instead of moving a LOT. And even though I said no to food and laziness a LOT when I was that big...I really did, honest (and I don't think that all obese people are lazy...they are NOT), I wasn't very good at it. So now, to change those habits and start a different lifestyle...I have to say no a LOT, or later...a LOT. It takes a lot of mental energy and effort. Mostly I've found it reasonably easy and have managed to make good decisions most of the time, but then there are days like yesterday...

Anyways, today's a new day. It's a journey that I must take day by day. <insert any other cliche that you may think does my sentiments justice> And hopefully my self control will show up sometime today and stay for a while...I've been missing it.


  1. I have another cliche for you:

    What you eat in private, shows in public!

    Yikes! I totally understand all that you are saying! My WW leader often compares our need for the meeting like the need a recovering alchoholic has for AA. It is just that, a long and hard battle! You can do it!!!! Keep up the hard work!

  2. :o) You are funny. I hope your self control does turn up sometime. These things don't usually stay lost forever.

    Looking good in the pic! (that's something to look good at 5:40 am!)

    And hey, its okay to make bad choices sometimes - just let the good ones outweigh the bad ones, right? That's the goal.

  3. ya... self control is really not my friend right now so if I see it I will gladly send it packing on back to you!

  4. oh i forgot to tell you how great and SKINNY you look in your new work out clothes!!!