Saturday, July 12, 2008

Motivation #7

I'm going here in November. Just me and my husband. We're leaving the kids at home with their Grandma and going on our honeymoon (or the 10 year anniversary equivalent since we didn't ever really have a honeymoon). As you can imagine, I am SOOOOOO excited. Beyond words excited.

Now, I know I'm not gonna be some smokin' hot mama on this trip, but I'd like to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. You know, not that awkward look around for watching eyes, drop the towel and run into the water. Certainly, I won't be in a bikini...but a nice one piece or a tankini would work for me.

Toning my thighs? Another reason that gets me on the treadmill.

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.
~ Author unknown


  1. ooh, so SWEET! We had our tropical vacation about 4 years ago...then loved it so much we had 2 more. (sigh) (those were the days...) :o) I hope you have the absolute TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

  2. And wait to go on having 20 aps already... you're doing so awesome.

  3. This is my motivation too! We are hoping to go somewhere like that this winter. We have never been and are super excited about the possibilities! So where exactly are you going?