Thursday, September 18, 2008


Something that is becoming more and more obvious to me as my body fat percentage shrinks is that I HATE being cold! Hate it. I don't want to be cold. I want to be warm. Toasty warm. Given that it is currently 4 C (39 F) outside and I'm cheap when it comes to running the furnace...I'm cold.

And I currently don't have a sweater that fits.

And my slippers are not keeping my feet warm right now.

And my new winter jacket does not seem to be as warm as I'd originally hoped (yes, I'm already wearing it! Outside)

And did I mention that it snowed an hour north of town today? Yes, Brian worked in the snow today.

In September.

And I'm cold.


So the way I see it, I have a few choices. First, I can continue to freeze (because no one else seems to be as cold as I am). Second, I can turn the furnace up which I hate to do because I already turned it on earlier than I'd hoped and I'd prefer to save money on utilities and try to keep our carbon footprint down. Third, I can bake constantly so that the oven is always on and I'm near said oven. Or fourth, I need to find some me sized winter gear. The fourth would require shopping (oh darn).

Last year I suffered through the winter because I knew I was only half way to my goal so I didn't want to have to buy new winter gear 2 years in a row. (Actually, I haven't had proper winter stuff since we moved here 3 years ago due to pregnancy etc) I promised myself during the many cold snaps that we had last year that I would for sure this year dress for the weather. I bought a winter jacket already that goes to my knees as a start last month that I'm hoping will prove warmer once I'm dressed with all the other stuff I don't yet have.

Here's my winter shopping list:
  1. A warm sweater
  2. A warm hoodie
  3. A pair of cozy slippers (or maybe 2...1 pair to keep nice for visiting because I hate it when my feet get cold when I'm visiting too and I hate taking my grubby house slippers out)
  4. A fuzzy housecoat that I can jump into right out of the shower
  5. Boots (already en route from Sears because they were on sale...I hope they're very warm because I don't want anymore cold feet. They're rated to -30 C, but that doesn't always mean I'll feel warm in them)
  6. Extra warm socks to help keep my feet warm in my new boots and slippers
  7. Good driving gloves that look nice with my jacket (easier said than done given the massive size of my hands)
  8. A trendy and warm scarf/hat/mitt set for walking Will to school and looking gooooood
  9. Snow pants would be nice, but are not a necessity at this point...unless we get huge snowbanks like we've had the last two years
The kids are mostly set thanks to hand-me-downs and stuff. I have a few more things to buy for them, but they'll be fine.

Man, this is fascinating stuff I blog about.


My point? Is that I'm cold. Cold because I lost 80 pounds in one year and apparently 30% body fat isn't enough to keep me warm in the north. Or because my body can't figure out how to regulate my temperature. Or both. Or neither.

Maybe I should move to the Tropics.

Or maybe I should turn up the furnace.

Or both.

Or neither.


  1. i'm sending some heat your way!

    our AC is still turned on and i am currently sitting under the ceiling fan in very little clothes because my body fat is still high and it is still hot here. ugh. i can't even imagine. i bought long sleeved halloween t-shirts for my kids yesterday and said out loud that i hope it is not too hot for them to wear them oct 31st!

    oh and i know what you mean about the clothes that don't fit. my smallest sweater is a XXL and i don't want to buy clothes this year in a L cause I hope, scratch that, PLAN to be smaller by next year.

  2. LOL
    You're funny.
    I vote for moving to the Tropics -then when I want to go there, I can stay with you for free. :o) But I hear ya about being cold. It turns out there are a few perks to having extra fat. Oh well.
    Have fun shopping and please post pics of your new stuff!!!!

  3. being cold stinks.
    I say buy a big hoodie and then commission some person to knit you a sweater....

  4. On really cold days, my husband will put my bath towel in the dryer for several minutes. He brings it to me just as I am getting out of the shower and it makes you feel nice and roasty. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, but it really feels good.