Thursday, September 18, 2008

Counting and counting some more

I'm constantly counting. All the time counting. I count what I eat. I count what I exercise. And most importantly of all, I count Finleigh's fluids.

So, I've got my lists. I count my points on the computer and I have a pad of paper in the kitchen to keep track of Miss Finn's drinks.

We're working on trying to get her off the feeding tube. Her dietitian has told us that she needs 24 oz per day of fluids...mostly milk of course. She was getting really close this summer and then she got sick and cut her molars. So, we backtracked to almost exclusive tubefeeding. Bah. But we're on the upswing again. Today, she drank 18 oz on her own.

So, I count up to 24...hoping that she'll do as much as possible. And, I count down from 25, hoping the points last so I can eat lots of yummy food.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...

Good times.

Here's my food journal today.

Breakfast: 2 whole grain banana pancakes and 1 cup of berries (3.5)
Snack: crispers (jalapeno flavor...yum) (2.5)
Lunch: left over twice baked sweet potato and chips (4)
Snack: licorice and chocolate (3)
Snack #2 (because when you don't have much protein in your lunch, you get really hungry, apparently): muffin and apple (3)
Supper: spaghetti & meat sauce (with some of that frozen zucchini hidden inside, shh...they ate it) and ice cream (11)
Evening: popcorn and Coke Zero (4)

Total points eaten: 31
Total exercise: 3
Remaining flex points: 12

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