Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ready for bed

The cake is done. The present wrapped. And now I'm ready for bed.

6 years ago at this moment, I was probably pleading for an epidural. And whimpering. And a little bit freaking out. I got my epidural and had a pretty decent night after that, even though I didn't sleep.

So now off to bed with me to rest up for tomorrow's celebration of Will.

But first...keeping my promise to myself...

Breakfast: homemade muffin, coffee, milk (4)
Snack: crisper's (2)
Lunch: pb&j sandwich and applesauce (5)
Supper: homemade chicken fingers, oven baked fries, creamed corn (10)
Snack: popcorn (4)
Evening: marshmallow trimmings (1)

Total eaten: 26
Total exercise: 0
Flex remaining: 20


  1. You're doing great - keep it up!
    I hope you're having a great day today and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLEM!

  2. All of that hard work will be worth it when he has a fantastic birthday. Great cupcakes by the way.