Sunday, October 19, 2008

The countdown is on

Well, friends. While my determination and performance may waiver, time does not. Time is our steady friend, or enemy, that does not change and will keep us accountable every single time. I, by nature, am a procrastinator. And true to form, I have procrastinated getting my body into swimsuit shape. One, because I've never had a body that could be even considered swimsuit shape, so to be so close? Probably a bit intimidating. Two, because of this...I've never really believed it could I fulfilled my disbelief.

Now, the clock ticks down. There is exactly 2 weeks until I board a plane for my tropical vacation of fun, sun, sleep and all-inclusive food and drinks. TWO WEEKS. Two weigh ins.

When I go, I want to feel good about myself. I want to feel that I deserve this vacation. I want to feel comfortable in the clothes I bought to wear.

To that end, I must do a couple things. I need to exercise (because I can see in the mirror that my body has changed in the week or so that I've avoided it). I need to stop this stupid binging on food I don't really want but can't seem to stay away from. I need to have my house in order. I need to feel like a good mom.

A tall order, but not really. I can do and have done all these's just a matter of doing them all at the same time. And if I can, I will feel good about going on this huge indulgence.

So I'm starting fresh today. For the next 2 weeks, Sunday will be my WI day. My flex points reset today. I have 2 weeks to focus and be the person I like.

My goals?

Earn 56 AP's before I go. That's 4 per day. Why? First because when I exercise that much, I see a difference in my body. Second because when I exercise that much, I don't eat badly, because you can't and still exercise without getting cramps or some other uncomfortable thing.

Distribute my flex points evenly over the week. I miss the steady girl that lost 80 pounds in 9 months. She's been missing for a while and if I have the same amount of points everyday...I can't binge in those 35 flexible little suckers. So, my goal each and everyday will be 29 + AP's.

The mom stuff? That comes more natural. And I won't bore you with my list of to do's before I go...but you can rest assured that my husband will be put to work these days off.

So, I'm gonna post my AP's and points everyday. I won't post what I eat, because I found that to be incredibly dull and I hated it. But I will post how many points I ate.

I won't set a weight goal, but here's my weight as of this morning (with at least a pound of water that will be gone today as I act responsibly with my body). 171.8. I will leave here below 170. That is a promise.

And now that I've said it here, I must do it.


  1. you can do this! i need to get up and follow your plan. my resolve is missing the past couple of days. i need to refocus and get in gear too!!! i can't wait to hear all about how great you are doing.

  2. Your plan is fantastic. I just wanted to say though that PLEASE allow yourself to enjoy your vacation. Look at your before and current pics and realize that you have worked so hard and you deserve some respect and to enjoy how far you've come. Don't beat yourself up because you aren't as far as you'd hoped to be. Keep striving for it of course, but allow yourself to "accept" you and be proud of how far you've come so far.