Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can't sleep

It's after 12:30 am and I cannot sleep. Tired? Yes. Wide awake? Yes. Drinking warm, soothing candy cane tea? Yes. Eating? NO! (though tempted)

My brain's going a million miles a minute...for no good reason, really. What's keeping me awake? Baking. heard it here first folks. Amanda Daybyday can't sleep because she's obsessing over the Christmas baking that she plans to start tomorrow. (If she has the ingredients to do some stuff because she'd really rather not drag her kids out to the supermarket in this freezing weather on a Saturday if she doesn't have to.) We wonder why she has weight issues, you know with her obsession with baking high calorie and high fat goodies and all.

And I will now stop talking in the 3rd person.

So, I've uploaded some pictures from my camera and thought I might share a few of my favorites with you.

Since I can't sleep. I mentioned that, right? Can't. Sleep.

Here are my kids all bundled for our walk to and from school. We're just getting back from picking Will up. It's 3:30pm and almost you can see in the background. And they all have white ice on their scarves from the condensation of their breath. It's just been THAT cold. Poor Finleigh. On the bright side, both my sons will be seen by vehicles due to the reflective strips on their coats. Very handy.

This one just cracks me up. I can't help it. Will's holding a gift Nate got from Brian's work party earlier that day and is posing in front of the newly erected and decorated tree.

This might quite possibly be the best proof that I definitely have too much time on my hands. Today, I french braided Finleigh's hair. Yup, definitely too much time. But I love doing my, I mean...daughter's hair. And as long as I can keep her occupied (with my poor flip phone and the TV) and I don't pull too hard, we're good to go.

Mr. Nate fell asleep before supper tonight. Supper got a little late because I received a phone call that I kinda had to take just as I was getting supper ready. When I got off the phone, this is what I saw.

And in his hands? His Lego men in one hand...

...and one of his self designed and built trucks in the other.

As an aside, that Lego man in blue that's sitting upside down in the truck? He was misplaced for a while today and Nate was looking all over for him. At one point he said, "Oh that poor little guy. Where could he be?" Also, he told me the other day that he's not a big boy...he's a little boy because "that's how Lego men are. They're little." Move over Buzz, my little man has a new fascination.

May I never forget how very sweet these precious ones are.


  1. Sorry you couldn't sleep, but love, love, love the pictures! Finleigh's hair is absolutely adorable and makes her look all grown up-from the back, at least!

  2. Beautiful french braids! I wish my girls would let me try that out on them. Just a simple brushing each morning is a struggle enough.

  3. Wow - Finleigh's hair is awesome! I can't wait to do that to Elan! :o) Nate is too cute with his lego.
    Thanks for the long post. Keep em coming.

  4. I just wanted to make sure you know I am still here.

    we are all sick with bronchitis and I hate it. All 5 of us.


    And I love the lego pics. Just like Aiden.

  5. Good pics! I have totally had the can't sleep syndrome. I am glad to here Nat likes lego...cause we got him some! Fin's hair is getting so long. Now I am jealous! And will looks so grown up