Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A letter to my favorite clothing retailer

Dear Jacob Connexion,

I've never kept it a secret how great I think you are. You're the only store that I can walk into and know that I'll find something that I not only like...but looks good on me too.

So, when I had the lucky chance to pop into your store the other day, I was...well...excited.

What made me even more excited was when you, my dear clothing retail friend, had several styles of tops that were loose around my tummy. I mean, could you make this just-gained-a-bunch-of-stress-weight girl any happier? Oh the lovely little t-shirts with the pleats just under the bust. And the gather at the bottom. THE perfect way to camouflage (cuz let's be real here...I know it still shows a little even with your lovely shirts) that slightly prominent ring of flab around my middle

So thank you, beloved clothing store, for giving me a couple months of grace while I get my feet back under me. I'm happy to feel good in my clothes again. Even if I did have to go one size up.

Amanda Daybyday

1 comment:

  1. I must immediately go find the nearest Jacob Connexion store, then! I love a good t-shirt!

    H =)