Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Skinny (or the attempt)

So, here's the deal.  I am currently 190.6 lb.  My lowest weight was 168 lb and I felt good being there.  I could have lost more, but I found it too much at the time and some of my loved ones and acquaintances didn't think I should lose any more.

But then, they didn't have to walk around with my thighs.

Or my (errr, how shall I say this delicately) post baby sag.  Which I am well aware will likely never go away without the aid of a surgeon.

Eventually, I'd like to settle in the low 160's, since this is the high range of my healthy weight.

For now though, I have about 6 weeks until my trip.  This is not my only reason for getting back at weight loss, but it's a great short term goal.  A healthy goal is 1-2 pounds per week.  So, that's 6-12 pounds by my trip.

I need that goal and I needed to see it written down.

So, we're agreed.  I will be in (or almost in) the 170's before I leave.  It's totally doable if I make the effort required.  I'll be weighing on Fridays.

No more procrastinating.

And here is proof of my lovely weight gain...

Both pants and top purchased to hide the extra bulge.  It's a far cry from 270...but not where I'd like to be.


  1. I think you look beautiful. Honest. You still look slim to me... which I suppose is either reality or just really great clothes :) Either way please don't be too hard on yourself.

    I think this might be one of the main reasons I resist dieting/or actually trying to lose weight in any real way... I can't handle the thought that it will be something I have to struggle with for the rest of my life. I think I would rather be fat. I don't think my depression tendencies could handle the constant feelings of failure. I think you ladies who can do something that is so hard are amazing.

    The last time I lost a lot of weight was after Owen was born. I ended up back at 185 lbs (down from 250) and it was amazing. I felt great. But it was just a medication thing. As soon as the meds changed my weight went right back up. It was unbelievably discouraging and I still just can't fathom go through that disappointment- from myself and EVERYONE else- again. I hated being watched so closely all the time too. And I hated the weekly comments "oh you look great now that you've lost all that weight" etc. because when the weight comes back the comments all stopped. So then I walked around knowing people thought I looked fat. Delightful.

    And of course then I had Olivia and all was shot to hell.

    I am slowly losing weight... about a pound every week or two. But it is, once again, mostly a changed medication thing. So I am trying not to get too attached to the falling numbers.

    Sorry... I am just a ray of sunshine this morning aren't I?!

    I am proud of you though and I think you are doing amazingly well... at life in general really. And I know you can do it. You rock :)

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  3. long time no talk....havn't been around the blog world in a long time....its a battle isnt it??

    I was down about 20 lower then I am now...but gained it back....take care of yourself, don't be hard on yourself and be strong!

  4. i agree, don't be hard on yourself, but stay strong willed and focused on a goal! don't take it out on yourself, take it out on the treadmill (or your chosen exercise) :) love ya!