Friday, February 11, 2011


There are some beautiful people in this world and if one is lucky, they'll be allowed to have interacted with a handful of these people throughout their lives.  I'm not talking about outward beauty, but instead that glow that comes from a person's soul, you know?  They just radiate love and compassion and... well... beauty.  This year, we've been blessed enough to know one of these people, Finleigh's educational assistant, Lindsay.  Or Miss K as Finleigh knows her.  I knew from the second I learned she was going to be her EA that it was going to be a good year... and it has been.

Finleigh will be turning 4 in 3 days.  It's hard to believe that it's been four years since an emergency c-section changed my life, but it has been and I'm constantly grateful for the miracle of her life.  Miss K knew this and decided to give Finleigh a birthday present.  Now, I'm not a big proponent of giving children lots and lots of stuff on their birthday, but a few thoughtful gifts is such a great thing.  After school today, Finleigh opened her pink bag of gifts from the loving Miss K.  A teddy that she can dress because she's so stylish, a toy that she loves at school, a video.  My goodness, I couldn't believe it. What a wonderful thing to do.

I'm touched beyond words and it's not the gift that I'm touched by... it's the person.  The gift was an outflow of her and was thoughtful and wonderful. But really, it's the love and understanding and grace that she showers on my little girl everyday that really touches me.  Gift or not, I would say the exact same thing about her.

I will miss seeing her everyday next year since we're moving schools and won't have the privilege of working with her, but I can promise you that I will make sure we keep in touch.  People like her are too rare to lose.

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