Monday, June 24, 2013

A dress. I'm wearing a dress.

I don't wear dresses a lot. In fact, almost never. So, when we took the kids on a warm, sandy beach vacation this winter and I wore dresses every night, my boys couldn't get over it. "Mom, you look so different." So, its a big deal... I suppose... when I wear a dress at home. Not so much when I'm away on vacation. But at home, its kind of weird.

Just before we headed out the door for Finleigh's Kindergarten graduation ceremony, I snapped this picture in the bathroom. I bought this dress for the pattern. And the style. But mostly the pattern. I love the random branches. Modern, yet earthy. Lovely. It was the kind of thing I could see myself wearing at home and not just on vacation.

I didn't even get a picture of the little miss and me on her lovely graduation day. She cried a lot through the ceremony and had to leave for most of it. She had a hard time in front of all the people. Precious love. "I try again" was her refrain after it was all over. Poor thing, she tries so hard.

The real reason I'm posting though, is to participate in Jane's Shiny T Tuesday. Jane is a fellow SMS mom and has inspired me over the last few months as I adjust to my new reality.

The frumpiness that I've been feeling lately, with my added weight and lack of desire to put any effort into my appearance, melted away when I put on my new dress, actually did my hair and put on some makeup for the first time in weeks.

So, thanks Jane. Here's my half-assed attempt at participating with you and learning to love my outside again.


  1. oh crap i'm crying!!! it's 6.30 in the morning, my kids are looking at me for the multitude of pre-school jobs to be done and i'm just sat crying! I am so thrilled to see you dressed up and spruced and on here (i didn't even realise you had a blog!!) i am happy beyond happy you joined in and you my darling are stunning as is your beautiful sms angel! this post is nothing short of warrior woman fabulousness!!! love you xxx

  2. hi Amanda...found you through the fab janey! look great in that dress!!...and how cute of your boys to notice. so pleased I found your blog am now following along through bloglovin Al x


    I love that dress. You are beautiful.

    I love that picture of Finn, she is beautiful too. xox