Saturday, June 7, 2008

Perfect world

In a perfect world, I would have fallen asleep at 11pm last night when I went to bed.

In a perfect world, my 3 children would NOT have all been awake by 6:15am.

In a perfect world, even if said children had woken up by 6:15am, I'd have been up at 5am and gotten my run in.

In a perfect world...I'd be at my goal weight and wouldn't be so self conscious about all my flab and when people tell me I don't need to lose any more weight...they'd be right. (And unless you've lost 80lbs and know what it's like to have a very lose, flabby body because your skin has the elasticity of a 60 year old, you probably don't understand why I just can't leave it alone and stop 'obsessing' about my weight already. So please don't tell me I don't have to lose anymore haven't seen me naked.)

Instead...something kept me awake until about 1am last night. Something that has become a permanent part of my life, that I didn't really want and don't particularly like (okay, so I don't hate it, but I'm not sure I'll like it know?)...but it's there and I have to live with it. So, it's keeping me from sleeping.

Instead...I was woken up by Mr. Will at 6:01am, who's awake and ready for the day and I wouldn't mind that except he gets so grouchy at night sometimes...especially at soccer. And then both his siblings quickly woke up too. And since I'd been up until 1am the night before...I didn't hear my alarm (or it didn't go off? man I wish I'd asked for my coveted alarm clock for Mother's Day instead of Chocolate tea. Chocolate tea's yummy and all, but you can't wake up to beautiful nature sounds with it) and I did not get up at 5:30am to get my run in. So much for my morning time to myself.

So now, I'm sitting here at the computer...with my 3 awake children (who are fighting by the way) my workout clothes...which I guess I should change out of because otherwise I will spill breakfast on my pristine white shirt (that I'm just waiting to see yellow sweat stains on one of these days...that will be attractive).


It's gonna be a fun day.

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  1. oh sweetie... I'm thinking of you today. And I DO understand a little of the flabby skin thing- before I got pregnant with Olivia I had lost 40 pounds and my gut was just brutal. Not to be depressing or anything but will our (I say OUR because I have hope) skin someday actually get back to its rightful elasticity or are we just screwed?

    And I'm proud of you for sticking to your goal.

    AND I want to know what is keeping you up at night?