Friday, April 30, 2010

Weigh in - The Scale Chronicles

It's Friday again.  The beautiful day that means my FlexPoints reset.  Food wise?  A brand new week.  Which is good as this week was another tough one to stay on track the last couple of days.

And then there's my scale.  Our trusty old scale has been weighing funny.  We would step on the scale and get 2 or 3 different weights.  Not good when even half a pound makes a difference in our weekly weigh in.  I found out that Brian had to do some tinkering to it last year and that obviously left it confused.  So, we got a new one.  This one's not nearly as nice as our old one, but we can trust it.  So that is good.

Not so good is that we're not totally sure where it stands compared to the expired scale.  So this weigh in needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, I'm down .9 this morning.  That's 190 pounds on the dot.  Which is good cuz that means my Points don't go down this week.  I will savour that extra Point this week knowing that next week (assuming I see a loss), I will be eating one less.  Oh the mixed blessings of weight loss.

It also means that earning AP's will get a little harder as I'll have to do more to get the same.  My AP count this week was 31.  Running for 1/2 hour earns me 5 Points right now.  I mixed some walking and other activity in there, but most of that was jogging.  My highest count ever.  And the run I did the other day did feel really good after the first 5 minutes.  The exercise is paying off too, in a non-scale kinda way.  My clothes are fitting better and that pesky muffin top is shrinking fast.  I'm definitely firmer and my arms are getting their definition back.  Not bad for just 3 weeks.  I like this a lot.

Today's a bit of a busy day.  I'm looking forward to it because Willem's now retired Kindergarten teacher is coming in today to consult with the school about him.  She'll observe class and give the teacher some pointers.  She raised a gifted kid herself and was the one who recognized Will and got him tested.  (Why didn't I talk to the principal a long, long time ago???).  She said she'd take some time to meet with me too, so I'm excited to see her again and soak in a bit of wisdom from her 30+ years of experience. She started teaching the year before I was born people and she's really, really good.  We also have Finleigh's pediatrician appointment this afternoon and I'm hoping to get some stuff done there too.  Plus, the school's having a pancake breakfast this morning and the kids LOVE that.  With Brian back to a 12 hour shift today, that makes for a pretty full day.  Somewhere in there I need to fit in a 2 mile run too.  And the kids are running short on clean clothes.

Here's to productive day.


  1. that is AWESOME about Will's teacher!!!!! YAY!!

    I hope all your STUFF today goes really well... and wow, you should just see my laundry mountain. Scary.

    But the house is mostly clean and it is Aiden's birthday today and the party is tomorrow (Lazer tag- so not at my house- double yay!).

    Here's to a productive day for both of us!