Monday, July 22, 2013

Undeniably Me

Linking up with Jane again this week for Shiny T Tuesday and I've got to say that this week was a little difficult for me. The theme is undeniably me. All the clothes I love? Too small right now. So, I looked at my uninspiring closet and wondered what I could do? I could go back to my scarves, but what else would I wear?

I thought about wearing my Pride and Prejudice shirt, but while it represents something I love - literature and specifically dear Jane Austen - it does not represent my style. I had all these ideas of me posing, reading a book. Or doing some homework - because quite frankly, that's when I feel most like myself.

Then I found it. The one sweater I can still pull off, that I fell in love with years ago. That I feel good in every time I wear it. That I've now had to mend because one of its seams tore. It's kind of funky. A little bit different. And yet comfy. It was a splurge at Anthropologie back when my weight was where I liked it.

So, I started trying to take pictures myself... because... well... my husband was rushing around and I didn't want to bother him. He's working nights and only had a few minutes before he was off to go sleep.

I maybe should stop here, because I almost look kind of cool, but he walked in on me and offered to help. And then I stopped looking cool...

He was supposed to be taking pictures of my outfit. My whole body. Instead, he only took pictures of my face.

And then he made me start laughing. I just can't take myself seriously when I'm posing in front of him.

So laughing? Kind of me.

And here's a necklace that is also undeniably me. Just a little different. Colourful, but understated. Slightly funky, but doesn't really stand out. I think it is so beautiful.

So, I guess that's my style. It's certainly undeniably me. 


  1. funky different and laughing! so undeniably you! You look fabulous in every picture my lovely! I adore though the ones of you laughing your beauty radiates out of that smile of yours...yee wizz but your beautiful! How gorgeous your husband wanted to help...mine thinks i'm a loony every time i get the camera out and open the wardrobe!! LOve love love the necklace and the colour and shape of that top! I hear you on the weight thing...i was a size 8, 8 stone 10k racer before i had kids! Piled on lots of weight in pregnancy but had got loads off again but then binge ate with depression after Tilly's diagnosis for 2 years and then feel pregnant again! wooops!! ended up size 18 and 14 stone after busby was born! Still in a size 14/16 instead of 8-10!! I have self-berated myself for too long, i couldn't bring myself to buy full price clothes at that size so i started to re-visit charity thing that ever happened to me and my wardrobe!!!! I kitted myself out in clothes i love again for mere pennies! It's a great pick me up while you are waiting to get back down to the size you want! Try it my darling, i so want you to be surrounded by a 'now' wardrobe because you are special enough for that NO MATTER WHAT YOUR WEIGHT IS! LOVE YOU XXXXXXX

    1. That damned stress eating and SMS. And depression. And pregnancy. What a struggle weight can be. Our stories are similar, except that I've been overweight most of my life. I'm actually 10 pounds lighter now than I was through most of high school. And in much better shape. Or at least was... until we got the diagnosis. I've donned my running shoes only a couple times since then. I'm 5 foot 8 inches, and topped out at 19 stone after Nate was born. That was about a size 22 here. Then after Finleigh was born and before the behaviours began I lost that 100 pounds and made it to 12 stone. I was a size 8 and loved myself at that size - even if I still could not pull off a bikini with my floppy, post baby stomach. Ahhh well. I learned early to find my self worth in myself and not my looks. I think that's why I ended up with such a great husband. And I do think he thinks I'm wacky too. Once I can figure out how to focus the camera with the timer on, I will take them myself. A couple weeks ago was a disaster with that. And like I said before... you are beautiful too. And inspiring. LOVE you. xxxxxx

  2. Wow ... that necklace is gorgeous. Love the laughing shots ... you look like you are really having fun and that's what it is all about :0)

  3. Cool sweater - and it has pockets, too! You do look cool in it, even when you're laughing. I think I prefer taking my own pics, but when my husband helps I look more alive. Your pics are fun!

  4. i think the sweater is great and i love the pictures he took of you. it is important to not take oneself too seriously.

  5. Amanda!!!! You are so beautiful. All Jane Austen ruffles (I'm a little goofy for Jane Austen and Anthropolgie, too) and evolving smiles. Love!

  6. you are beautiful & I love you :)

  7. I know you're trying to lose weight - me too - but I think you look lovely exactly as you are. Weight and clothing size are just numbers. I really love your necklace!