Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Something borrowed...

Hello Shiny T Tuesday. It is possible I'm cheating this week. And as you can see, I'm purposely hiding behind my son. And... actually, I'm not technically wearing blue. But... my boys are. So...

And, it is a picture of me...

The theme this week? Something borrowed, something blue.

This picture was taken on vacation, at our rented lake house. So... borrowed. And my guys are all in blue. And most of our clothes are relatively new. And yet? All of our shoes are definitely old. From at least last year... if not longer. Actually, the sandals I'm wearing are at least as old as Finleigh... not that you can see them. They are hiding. Like most of the rest of me.

Little did I know just how pregnant this shirt makes me look. Not necessarily in this picture, but some of the others? <> But that, I suppose is that. Not the first set of family pictures where I don't like how I look. Likely not the last. 

Such a difference from when we got married. 3 kids. 15 years. Sleepless nights. Many laughs.  Our fair share of tears. So much love.

So now, pop on over to see Jane. Or if you came on over from there. Hi. Nice to have you.

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  1. Don't hide, you are too beautiful for that! Plus your a warrior mummy, you don't get chance to do the hiding thing too often! lovely you linked up, just got back from wales again and so fab to be greeted by the link up posts xxxx